Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Clothes

     It's been almost a month since my last blog post, but what can I say? December is a crazy month. It seemed like it took us FOREVER to finally shake the evil flu from the house. Luckily Nicola and I didn't get sick, but my husband and our sons were passing it back and forth for weeks. We only lasted on Truth in the Tinsel for about a week and a half before throwing in the towel. While the concept was wonderful and my kids greatly enjoyed the crafts, I feel like a project of that magnitude is better suited for either children that aren't school aged yet or for homeschooling families. My kids are in regular ol' public school and when they would come home they'd have homework and dinner and by the time we could do the day's ornament it would be a scramble to get it done before bedtime or they would end up staying up late. Plus, let's be honest, the last thing I feel like doing at 7-8pm is digging out a bunch of messy craft stuff that I'm then going to stay up late cleaning up. I'd still like to do some version of it next year, but I think limit it to just an ornament for each Sunday in Advent.
     For Christmas my mom gave me some money to spend at one of my favorite places to online window shop- Heartbreaker Fashion. I have been looking at their site for a few years now, but had yet to actually buy anything because I've been pregnant for much of the past three years. The husband and I are officially DONE having any more babies, so now I get to try and build up a wardrobe practically from scratch since it's been so long since I could buy non-maternity clothes and I don't have much that fits the way I'd like anymore. This is what I finally settled on ordering:

First I decided every gal needs some good, basic tops. I like knit tops myself. I find them more comfortable for day to day tasks of dishwashing, picking up babies, changing diapers, and other motherly things. So I decided to get the Hollie top in black, and the Michelle tee in white.

Hollie top by Mandie Bee by Heartbreaker

Michelle tee by Heartbreaker Fashion

(The model in the white tee is Angie Alamilla. Isn't she gorgeous? I love to hunt for the photos of her in the clothes because in the summer when I'm a bit more tan my skintone looks just like hers. I don't see models too often that have very olive skin like my own to gauge what a garment is going to look like on my coloring. I hope they use her to model their stuff forever. lol.)

To go along with my basic tops, I thought a fun printed skirt would be nice. I decided to get an a-line since it's easier to move in than a pencil skirt, but it won't catch in the wind on the same scale that a full circle would. I've been dying to get this particular skirt ever since it came on the site because I honestly cannot think of a print that is more "me" than this:
A-line skirt in Cosmic by Mandie Bee for Heartbreaker
Dear Lord!! It's turquoise and coral and atomic print!!! Basically all of my favorite things and would look great with my new black Hollie top in the Fall/Winter as well as with my white Michelle tee in the Spring/Summer. I think it's safe to say I am most excited about that one.

Lastly something that I deemed a necessity is a sweater. I've lived in the south my whole life so I haven't really had the need to own legitimate winter clothing. However, Idaho has REAL winters. There's been a good layer of snow on the ground for a week and today the temperature didn't climb out of the single digits in Fahrenheit! For most of today it was all of 3 degrees F. (That's -16C!!) I'm tired of just trying to put a cardigan on over things, so I broke down and ordered this bad boy:
The Graduate sweater in argyle by Heartbreaker Fashion
 It actually extends all the way to the hip, so it will look nice either tucked in or left out. I love the 1960's vibe of it. They also have a cardigan version of this if you don't live in a frozen wasteland like myself.

Something I love about Heartbreaker is that they are made in the good ol' USofA, honey! I like that I'm supporting people that are making a living wage as well as the US economy.

I think it's probably going to take a couple weeks before my order arrives since I ordered while they were closed for New Years, but I can't wait to try on new stuff! Is there ever a time that a gal stops being excited about new clothes? What do you think of Heartbreaker Fashion? Like it? Love it? Do you own any of their stuff?

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