Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cha-cha-cha-cha changes....

 I'm doing a bit of a revamp/overhaul of this blog. No longer does it makes sense to call us the 405 Family since we no longer live in the 405 area code and there's no telling when we'll be getting back to it. I thought and thought and searched for something that would sum up our family and our situation and something that has certainly defined us is how often we move. Now it's true that we are an army family, but not all army families are constantly on the move. In fact, most of the military families that I know hardly ever move. They've moved once or twice if ever in the 8 years that I've known them. However, we have just made our tenth move in 9 years. That seems excessive even by military standards, in my opinion. So what better way to describe our family than a group of travelers? Travelers makes it sound like we are constantly on vacation though and that is most definitely NOT the case. I thought the less used "sojourn" was a little more precise for what we do- never permanently dwelling anywhere, never really being "home" and yet, everywhere is "home." It's more a state of being that we carry with us than an actual place or physical location.

I'll make another post later about where we are now and how we came to be here, but for now this blog's focus is just what we're up to as a family in a new place and the new adventures, challenges, triumphs, and failures that we will encounter here and wherever else we go. Feel free to follow along as we sojourn.


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