Monday, November 12, 2012

Flying the dork flag: crazy Christmas lady

     So, I know it's just barely November, but I am already SO STOKED for Christmas. I've already talked about my plans for our tree, but I'm obsessively looking at Christmas decor and crafts and images on Pinterest for inspiration.

I'm in love with this very vintage inspired Christmas tree. I love the more mid-century modest than modern look of it, with the big colored lights, gobs of tinsel, and popcorn garland.        

This tree reminds me so much of my grandmother. She loves blue lights and I remember her tree looking very similar to this one.

Nothing says vintage Christmas like bubble lights! I'm glad they make safer ones these days. I'd like to avoid setting my house on fire.

I think a steeple style tree topper would be an excellent finishing touch. Don't you? I've seen lots on Etsy in a variety of price points.

     One thing that I love that will NOT be on our Christmas tree at any point in the near future are glass ornaments. No Shiny Brites for me. I'm going to have to settle with soft and shatterproof ornaments for several years to come I'm sure. I'm also on the hunt for some fabric to make us all new stockings. I'm not sure if Hickory even has one, and I know Nicola doesn't have one. Might as well start from scratch so they'll all match. (Yes, I care about them coordinating with each other. How could I be a fan of the 1950's and not like things that are "matchy matchy"?)

     What is your Christmas decorating style? Do you like vintage like I do or do you like the more rustic/primitive style? Do you like things understated and elegant, or do you want your house to be visible from space Clark Griswold style? If you don't know who Clark Griswold is, shame on you.

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