Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On the mind of a new mom: Losing weight and getting fit.

     I'm not really sure how to begin this other than to say that this is no judgement on anyone else, not on anyone's weight or size, measurements or eating habits. It's just about me and how I feel about my own body. I also want to say that in now way do I think I look bad or ugly at the weight and size and measurements that I currently have. That's not really the point. The point is that I don't want to just say, "Well, I've had all these kids and this is what five pregnancies do to a gal and it's just the way things are and I'll just live with it." It's more about the slippery slope of putting on more and more weight as I age and attempting to take preventative measures so that 10 or 20 years from now I'm not at an unhealthy weight that will be that much harder to lose. So I'm setting myself a goal.
     I got married at 19, about three months before I turned 20 years old. I was 113lbs and my measurements were 34-26-36. (Ever since I learned to sew at 17 I've kept track of my measurements.) Well, a month after I turned 21 I had Canon, and then 12 months later I had Ephraim. After he was born, John left for Iraq and I joined a gym so I would have something to do. Thanks to pilates and the eliptical I quickly got back down to my pre-mom size and thanks to weight training I was a fit and trim, too! (Because believe it or not, you can be skinny and still be flabby. Lack of body fat does not equal having toned muscles.) Then John came back from Iraq and 9 months later we had Doyle and I never quite got back down to my former size. I hung on to an extra 7-10 lbs and then got pregnant again and had Hickory and hung on to another 7-10 lbs from that pregnancy. When Hickory was 6 months old I had the enormous surprise of getting pregnant with Nicola and there was another 10 pounds.
     Now, I know it's quite common and some might even say normal to hold on to some extra weight after having a baby, and especially after having five babies but I am just not down with that. If I surrender those 27 pounds, how much easier is it going to be to shrug off putting on more weight as the years go on and my metabolism slows? As it stands I'm a mother of five and I don't plan on having any more. I really didn't plan on having that fifth one, but it is such a lovely blessing to finally have another girl in the house. I'm still out numbered, but at least I'm not totally alone anymore. lol. I've also always said that I wanted to be done having kids by the time I reached 30. Well, this coming January I will hit 29 and I'm stoked to be going into the last year of my twenties. It's been a great decade, but a tough one as well and I'm glad to have a new chapter of life happening for my 30's. So mindful of that I want to enter my 30's in the best shape I can. I was a certain weight and size when I entered my twenties and I plan on leaving my twenties the same way, five kids or not.
     When I got weighed at my first check-up with Nicola's pregnancy I was 130 and as of this morning I am 129! Woot woot! I'm not really exercising at all right now. (I was doing P90X for about a week or so, but it was taking me over 2 hours to get through a 1 hour dvd because of having to stop to take care of the kids, and I can't just work out after the kids go to bed because the older boys' room is below the living room and the creaking floor from me jumping all around keeps them up.) Right now, I'm just watching my caloric intake with the MyFitnessPal app on my iphone (but you can also do it online through their website if you don't have a smart phone.) It's REALLY helped me to take notice of what I'm eating. I think I'm also going to see if there's room in the budget to join a gym so that I someone else can tend to the babies while I work out. That way I get some time to take care of myself, Doyle gets to play with some other kids his age, and the little ones won't be getting neglected.
     It's isn't only a weight/size issue though. While John was in Iraq and I had turned into a gym rat, I just felt better. Exercise helped me so much dealing with the stress of taking care of everything while John was away. I also had so much more energy and enthusiasm and the more I worked out the more I wanted to try new things, take on new challenges and even just spend more time outside. I miss feeling so excited about life and wanting to get out into the world and DO things. I think my whole family could benefit from that.
     So there you go. Currently I am 129 pounds and measure 36-30.5-38 with a goal of 113 pounds and measurements of 34-26-36 (though I wouldn't mind hanging on to those extra inches up top!) I'm not sure how things are going to go over the next few months with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, but we'll see! Maybe it's crazy to think that I can be the same size at 30 with five kids as I was at 20 with no kids, but I'm sure if I work hard enough I can make it happen!


  1. You absolutely can expect to have those kind of results! I've seen so many do it! And I, myself, would love to be in that boat as well. It takes more than just time, it takes prep and willpower, both of which I do not have much of. And I only have TWO! Mad props to you for what you do day in and day out with your brood! You're an inspiration to me!

  2. Came by via IG but I'm in the same boat except one little and three freaking crazy dogs. I hear ya. Have you tried Zuzuska? She's awesome. 15 minutes no equpitment needed. Its so hard for me even though I'm a semi runner because well I got giant boobies and niw nursing gave me bigger boobies. I'll find the link.


  4. Hi there! Miss Banana Pants recommended you- lovely post!! You must be one amazing woman - I only have 2 babes and sometimes feel like I have not a free second whatsoever! I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures with 5 children! I tried to follow you but GFC doesn't appear to be loading - I'll try and pop back another time to see if its fixed!

    Aanika from xo

  5. Thank you! Miss Banana Pants and I go way back. There are definitely no free moments around here. Every moment is stolen away from somewhere else. I hope subscription issue gets sorted out. I think it's going through technical glitches. :)